About WernerKnows.com

WernerKnows.com is a full-service search engine marketing consultancy. We solve big SEO problems for large sites. Want to drive revenue and outperform your competitors? We’ll tell you how to do it and we’ll back it up with data to help guide your decision-making to ensure predictable results.


We’ve been doing search marketing successfully since 2005 and have hundreds of satisfied clients to prove it. We are all about driving results because we excel at it, it’s fun and we love making our clients happy.

Do you need actionable data to help you do the following?

  • GET it right the first time
  • FOCUS on the biggest opportunities
  • ATTRACT high quality links from hundreds of locations

Elements of our unique approach:

Content Marketing Process Optimization: Creating strong reasons to link to key pages involves developing relationships with influential publishers, creating value for communities, and promoting content experiences that are meaningful to the target audience.
Roadmap Development: Diagnosing issues and tracking them to completion.
Historic Rankings Analysis: Determining what opportunities have fallen off your radar.
Competitive Analysis: Analyzing things like: Common competitive keywords, the landscape for authority, organic and paid search value, and trends over time.
We are experts in conveying key data to inform clients’ critical decisions. We use the Issue Tracker, a cloud-based data presentation tool that enables our clients to follow along with technical, on-page, and off-page tasks. We have consulted for companies like The Home Depot and Home Decorators Collection to turn key findings into improvements to grow engagement with customers and constituents alike.

Our Team

Eric Werner


Eric Werner is an interactive marketing consultant specializing in web analytics, organic search engine optimization, and pay-per-click management. He joined the US Army as a paratrooper after studying business at the University of Georgia. After leaving the military in 2001, Eric joined a company called IMNISP and began to learn about internet marketing. The field of search marketing instantly became an obsession.


Moving on to work for one of the top web design and development firms in Atlanta, Eric left a trail of successful search marketing and web analytics engagements while helping organizations become more aware of how the web works. Eric led interactive marketing initiatives with Microsoft, CNN, Lowe’s Racing, Holder Construction, and Performance Friction. He also assisted in some of the most effective viral campaigns ever, to include one named by TIME Magazine as one of the top 10 viral videos of 2008.


After leaving Northridge Systems, Eric went on to revolutionize the search marketing program for the Natural Resources Defense Council and provided SEO guidance for the complete redesign of the Learning Tree International website.

Matt Werner


Throughout his career, Matt Werner has perfected a suite of services for multi-location brands which allows him to effectively optimize local results. An expert at using data to improve content marketing processes and overall optimization, Matt helps multi-location businesses design data-focused monitoring models for content marketing.


Prior to cofounding WernerKnows.com, Matt advanced growth on The Home Depot’s SEO team, driving an impressive return with over 115% percent increases in organic traffic to many categories via on-page optimization, taxonomy overhaul, and content marketing. He managed the initial categories for Home Depot’s SEO-focused content marketing program. Since then, Matt has created technology and optimized processes to identify lost authority and swiftly arrest legacy traffic loss.


On a more personal note, Matt lives in Atlanta, GA where he enjoys hiking Stone Mountain, watching sports (GO FALCONS!), and spending time with his wife and two boys. He earned a BBA in Business Administration from Georgia State University with a focus on computer information systems, has served as a member of the Georgia Tutoring Association, and excelled in national mathematics competitions.

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