Search Engine Marketing

For improving profits online, nothing works as rapidly as paid search. Paid search is an exceptionally agile channel which allows you to respond to changes with lightning speed. This makes paid search an excellent test market. Success in paid search is based on constant iterative improvements and as a consequence, it requires a lot of attention to maintain strong ROI. We provide support to your marketing teams by monitoring campaigns and adjusting for maximum profit. Traditional advertising has been a set it and forget it medium for quite some time. Paid search is a direct response budget and as a result there are some really compelling reasons to closely monitor it:
Keywords – The more searches a query gets, the more likely there will be a positive impact from optimization.


Ad Copy – The greater the alignment among search queries and ad copy, the greater the impact of optimization.


Split Testing – Regularly testing new ads against the old ads makes it possible to constantly improve ROI.


Impression Share – Paid search is such a valuable space that the question really becomes, “What percentage of this real estate am I holding?” Without consistent monitoring, your competitors can edge you out and it is very likely that a traditional marketing team wouldn’t notice without the aid of our landscape analysis services.

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